About Richard Drew & Well Fed Performance

WellFed Performance is the home of Mountain Bike Ambassador, and Pro Enduro/XC Rider, Richard Drew. It is here you can find insight into his entire training, racing, and nutritional program. The goal of WellFed is to be a hub of knowledge, entertainment, and information.

Richard Drew, 39 years old, resides in Dallas TX. He’s been on two wheels since he was five years old, first racing BMX and then transitioning into Motocross. Growing up in Phoenix AZ, the thought of racing mountain bikes was ever present. However, it wasn’t until August of 2013 that this actually became a reality. Not one to go halfheartedly into any endeavor, after a brutal first race, Richard put together an aggressive training plan and set his sights on his first Cat 2 35-39 victory and and a TMBRA State Championship.

Fast forward to Fall 2014 and Richard found himself competing at the local Pro level. Combining a love for training both on the bike and in the gym, Richard has garnered support from some of the finest names in the industry. Anchored by a 4 year relationship with Plano Cycling and Fitness, 2017 will once again see Giant Bicycles USA on board to supply both the Enduro and XC bikes needed to compete at the highest level. Longtime partners Industry Nine, Skratch Labs, and Zoic Clothing will help anchor Richards goal to spread the “Stoke of Mountain Biking” across the country!

The main racing goal of the 2017 Program is defending the overall Pro Men’s Championship in the Kodiak Tough Southern Enduro Tour. This series has garnered quite a bit of attention and this year will see an even higher caliber of rider at each event. At the same time, being competitive in various XC races throughout Texas and Oklahoma is also a priority. Moving into the Fall, Cyclocross will become a focus along with the Texas Enduro Cup. While all this is happening, Richard will be traveling around the southern part of the country executing various Skills Clinics and shredding as many killer trails as possible!

A key part of Richards program is his nutrition. Being well fed is simple: eat real food and as much of it as you need! However, many people like to enjoy what they are eating and consuming meals that are quite tasty AND good for you is rather easily accomplished. Certain tweaks need to be made based on the individual and their activities and goals, but the basic outline is always the same. Here, Richard will share his first hand knowledge on what has worked best for him and give you an idea of how you can implement some small nutritional changes into your everyday life.