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On A Roll…

Growth, find it wherever you can

It's strange. A month ago, the thought of three weeks(basically) off the bike would've crushed me! Especially the last three weeks, which were set up to get some of the heaviest volume of my year. Well, it turns out they've now become three of the lowest volume weeks...

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Making Adjustments: Where did my carbs go?

Being off my bike is bad for a number of reasons, and one of the worst may be the impact it has on my nutrition. Translated:  i'm hangry because I've DRASTICALLY reduced my carbohydrate intake. Go from feasting almost nightly on sweet potatoes and sushi rice to...

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Inflammation- Its a deep burn

I'm sitting here at Crossfit Dallas Central- Henderson, contemplating how I came to be in this particular situation. Its now been a little over two weeks with nary a productive ride on the books. First, it was a tight lower back. Second, this very deep Achilles...

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