It’s strange. A month ago, the thought of three weeks(basically) off the bike would’ve crushed me! Especially the last three weeks, which were set up to get some of the heaviest volume of my year. Well, it turns out they’ve now become three of the lowest volume weeks I’ve had. But you know what? I’m quite OK with it. I had a few moments where that familiar friend frustration crept in, doing his best to drag me down into that dark place where nothing looks pleasant. Instead, I took it as a chance to do not what Richard Drew would normally do. I stayed positive. I grew a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an incredibly frustrating situation. But it’s something that has happened in the past and is damn sure going to happen again. To play catch up, my low back was tight for a week and then I had this magical Achilles pain appear almost out of nowhere. You notice I say almost. It had been a very slight annoyance for a few weeks and I didn’t pay it much mind. Foolish me. But It was even more foolish of me to just keep dealing with it in the same manner when it wasn’t getting better. I sat down with a real expert on my body, myself. Don’t laugh, I’m actually being somewhat serious here. I know me better than most and it took me really doing some research and looking back through my training journals to figure out what the issue could be. I ended up at  Plantar Fasciitis. I’ve dealt with this before, but it appeared more in the heel as it normally does. I moved forward with the incredibly painful protocol to remedy it and I was back on the bike the next day with minimal pain. I’ve had three rides now and it’s starting to feel pretty good. There is still some soreness and a very strange little bump that I’m trying to work out. I’m confident that it will be close to 100% when I get to Phoenix in a few weeks.

So what did I focus on these last few weeks? Well, I got back in the gym for starters. I guess I never really left completely, I just blew in periodically and didn’t do very much. I was fixated on just riding and not lifting anything. I thought about that a bit and it just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t really care who you are or what you do, if you get in and do some proper training, you will be a better person, period. The vibe at Crossfit Dallas Central is amazing! You can’t help but want to work when you roll into that place. And work is surely what you will be doing when you’ve got Samuel “SAMFIT” Nix overseeing your training.  Also of great importance is being diligent with mobility and pre-hab. Rolling, stretching, yoga, stabilization, etc. These are all very important elements that I wasn’t staying on top of. Lastly, as I mentioned in my previous post, my nutrition got a little jolt of reality.

It also helps to have a positive and supportive environment around you. Of course, a few people commented on how crazy they’d be going in my situation, but they were the same ones to say how impressed they were in how I dealt with it. Hearing that might have been one of the best things to come out of this deal.

The Battlestar- Supremely painful, incredibly effective.

The Battlestar- Supremely painful, incredibly effective.

The cold weather is rolling in now and it’s time to transition into the “off season” training program. I like this time of the year. It forces you to focus on ways to be creative and not just try to stay in shape, but become better!